Referral Resource Directory

NHOA Intraprofessional Relations Committee 2013


A New Benefit for NHOA Members: This directory provides, at your fingertips, a list of your colleagues who have a special interest in various aspects of optometry, and in what geographic area they practice. As our profession becomes more complex, it is best to use one anothers’ knowledge and clinical experience for the best interest of our patients’ care. Rather than considering each other “competitors” we have the luxury of considering each other “colleagues” and, perhaps, team members, who can better handle various aspects of care for our patients. For example, I enjoy working with binocular vision cases and patients who have suffered brain injury. If one of my primary care patients develops glaucoma, I diagnose it and refer to a colleague for treatment. Many of my colleagues refer their convergence insufficiency or TBI cases to me for care. The best part is that the patients benefit from receiving the best possible care, and will send other patients your way because of that level of trust. The next time you have a challenging case in an area with which you are less comfortable, please look up the topic in the directory and see which of our members might be the best referral for your patient. ALWAYS be sure to send along a note of introduction to the other doctor, so he/she can care for your patient, properly and efficiently.

CLICK HERE for  a referral form we have developed for your use, and CLICK HERE  for the current Referral Resource Directory